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Quedan 90 días para que finalice el año.


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Así promocionará WWE su próximo videojuego WWE 2K19 en TV.

Defendió a su mujer

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I am proud of how strong my wife is. After accidentally injuring Liv Morgan last week, the first time Bri’s ever hurt another performer, she’s been subject to a constant barrage of social media attacks. Almost every wrestler has accidentally hurt someone, but rarely do you see this kind of hate when it happens. For example… I concussed Randy Orton in 2012 after hitting him with what was supposed to be a chair to the back. Unfortunately part of the side hit him in the back of the head, and he was forced to miss a PPV. In 2009 in our last match against each other, I concussed Nigel McGuinness after doing a dive into him in the crowd, where his head hit the floor. And there are others… As for the Yes kicks, two weeks ago I accidentally kicked Andrade directly in the head due to a miscommunication on my part. I feel fortunate that he was ok, because there are few feelings worse than hurting someone… Despite all of that, never did I receive the backlash Bri did this week. With all the negative things said about my wife, nobody was harder on her than she was on herself. Thank you to the many people who reached out to support her, both publicly and privately. We all wish Liv Morgan a speedy recovery. #EndCyberbullying 🐘❤️🐨

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Con está publicación, Daniel Bryan salió en defensa de su mujer Brie Bella, quién accidentalmente lesionó la semana pasada a Liv Morgan. Daniel busca acabar con el cyberbullying que ha recibido durante los últimos días.

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Liv Morgan subió está foto a sus redes sociales ¿Les gusta con el pelo color rosa?


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Torneo mundial

FIFA y Playstation organizará la “Continental Cup 2018”, torneo que se disputará en París a finales de mes. Lamentablemente sudamérica no está invitada a esta copa.

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Ganamos por goleada.


  • 534: Muere Atalarico, rey ostrogodo.
  • 1552: Iván el Terrible conquista Kazán.
  • 1955: en Estados Unidos, el ordenador ENIAC es apagado definitivamente.
  • 1958: Guinea se independiza de Francia.
  • Día del tecnólogo médico.


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